Antony Chahal started jiu jitsu under Felipe Alves de Souza in 2005. He underwent all his training in the popular BJJ School in London where he went from white to black belt with his exceptional instructor guiding him throughout his journey.

He has multiple British and IBJJF titles at all belts and most notably became European Champion 2009 and was runner up at the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championships in Abu Dhabi 2014.

Now the next part of his journey is taking the role of head instructor alongside Nick Robinson at New School BJJ (NSBJJ) and in place is a well structured adult and youth program, where with the experience and guidance of Helio Soneca can see great things for the future.

List of competition results:

2009 • IBJJF European Championships Master / 70kg / Blue Gold
2010 • British BJJ Open Master / 76kg / Blue Gold
2010 • Gracie Invitational Master / 76kg / Blue Gold
2011 • British BJJ Open Master / 76kg / Purple Silver
IBJJF • London International Open 2012 Master / 76kg / Purple Gold
2013 • British BJJ Open Master / 76kg / Brown Gold
2013 • IBJJF Rome Open Championships Master / 76kg / Brown Silver
2014 • Abu Dhabi World Pro Master / 70kg / Black Silver

Nick Robinson's career in Brazilian jiu jitsu commenced under professor Felipe Alves de Souza in 2009. His brother introduced him to Bjj and soon after he committed his life to his new found passion.

A highly skilled and motivated Brazilian jiu jitsu athlete, Nicky has won multiple National and international titles with a European silver medal amongst his achievements.

A proven leader and excellent communicator Nicky enjoys combining his focussed personal goals with the coaching and mentoring of students at New School Brazilian Jiu jitsu academy.

Nicky's passion lies with combining the spiritual elements of this martial art with the physical demands, intricate skill and technique required on the mats.

The next part of his exciting journey is to continue the role of instructor alongside Black belt Antony Chalal at New School BJJ (NSBJJ).

Main Competition results:

3 times Abu Dhabi trials / 76kg / gold
2014 • European Nogi / 83kg / Purple silver
Antony Chahal
New School BJJ

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