Michael began martial arts in the Army fighting in amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) starting in 2007. He began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) a year later, and has had a successful competition career. Michael has fought in MMA as an amateur and a professional, competed and won at numerous regional grappling tournaments, and has worked hard to achieve a very well-rounded skillset. Michael is a professional MMA fighter, BJJ brown belt, and taught Modern Army Combatives while he was in the Army (including a 2nd place finish at the All-Army Combatives Tournament).

He currently maintains an active competitive career while also coaching students in BJJ and MMA. His fighters have had success at the regional level, and the BJJ competition team is well-respected in the local martial arts community. Since finishing his time in the Army, Michael has lived in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife Ana and his two children, Michael and Adriana. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree and went through recruit school to become a full-time firefighter.

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